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Occasionally I make collagey mixed-media works for fun. A way to explore interesting compositions and distortions outside of real world restrictions of perspective and proportion.

They also frequently allow a free exploration of a sort of grotesque as a result of the jarring combination of different scaled elements.

I have added some of these collages to my eBay shop:


Work in Progress

A glimpse of a work in progress, behind the sky on my sleeve

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From the archive

“We’re all in the same boat, but some of us aren’t getting our feet wet”, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 60cm

This study for a larger painting was painted a couple of Prime Ministers ago, during the reign of David Cameron. An allegory of class disparity.

And the 70 x 100cm painting it spawned, which is difficult to get a photo of due to reflections on the dark paint.


First Sale

Delirium Dreams is no longer available, thank you to Robert, I hope you enjoy



This site documents artworks from my archive which are currently available to purchase directly from my studio. 

In the spirit of The Artists Support Pledge founded by artist Matthew Burrows during the COVID 19 pandemic, no works will be priced higher than £200, and when £1000 of sales has been reached, I will pledge to purchase an artwork by another artist participating in the artist support pledge. This site will also feature a gallery of work purchased through the pledge, as they are made.

Please send me an email with any enquiries to: