Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go

As a teenager the Welsh band Manic Street Preachers were highly influential on my personal development. As with many teens I was enamoured by their complete package; appearance, musical sound, lyrics, album artwork and design… This was a time when one would physically hold the CD booklet whilst listening to the songs, absorbing the photographs, quotes and additional text, when music was not just filling silence in the background but an entire physical experience.

The works in my “Everything Must Go” series have been initiated in the year of the album’s 25th anniversary, and comprises of a suite of illustrations inspired by the lyrics of each song.

Elvis Impersonator Blackpool Pier

A Design For Life

Kevin Carter

Enola Alone

Everything Must Go

Small Black Flowers That Grow in the Sky

The Girl Who Wanted To Be God



Interiors (song for Willem de Kooning)

Further Away

No Surface All Feeling