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RSA John Kinross Scholarship

During my MA studies (Grays School of Art, 2019-2021) I was fortunate to receive a an award from the Royal Scottish Academy to spend time studying in Florence.

I took the opportunity to visit this autumn, and was in my element visiting chapels particularly to investigate the fresco’s of Giotto, Daddi, Gaddi, Masaccio and their workshops. Opened up a way forward to develop my methods of narrative drawing.

A highlight for me was the Palazzo Vecchio, which I visited a couple of times to admire the murals.

I will of course add some photos of my time there, and the outcomes, but for now here are so images of my journey from Elgin to Florence: Train from Elgin to Aberdeen- Bus from Aberdeen to Edinburgh bus station- arrive around 1am- start walking from Edinburgh bus station towards the airport- walk past Haymarket and Murrayfield- walk a few miles and give to wait for a bus, sweating through my hoodie and jacket- bus to airport, try to doze sitting against wall- early flight, self conscious about sweaty ness from big walk, fly to London, couple hours wait, eat a burger- fly to Florence, even more self conscious of sweaty stinkiness and regretting not just getting a bus to Edinburgh airport in the first place- arrive in Florence, tired but happy.

in focus

John Kinross Scholarship

I’m pleased to announce that I am one of the recipients of this years Royal Scottish Academy ‘John Kinross Scholarship’.

This enables me a grant to study in Florence for a period up to 12 weeks. I intend to visit next summer, primarily to study frescoes, any Caravaggio I can lay my beady eye on and, hopefully, old master drawings- drawing being very much at the root of my practice.

November also saw the presentation of the Gray’s Postgraduate showcase “Onwards” at the Look Again project space in Aberdeen.

For this curated presentation of the MA course, the work of mine selected was the triptych. “An Amicable Separation”, gouache, watercolour, acrylic .

An Amicable Separation