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Landscape Gallery

As part of my practice I sometimes make landscape studies. The reasons vary from documenting the passage through time and space (in my walking drawings), sourcing potential locations and elements for inclusion as setting for later narrative works, to the enjoyment of applying paint to mimic colour combinations, texture and interesting lighting effects.

I have added a gallery here and otherwise stated all works are available. Enquiries can be made to

The first series added consists of 25 studies of the Moray coastline painted in acrylic on card, around A5 size.

new additions

eBay uploads

I’m experimenting with eBay as a sales platform and have uploaded these three additions to the site to eBay, where the starting price is 50% off, at £15. As these are my first listings, I am also offering free postage (in the UK).

Press the link below to visit the eBay listings!