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The Hermit

In 2018 I produced a series of drawings and paintings inspired by Patrick Suskind’s famous novel “Perfume”, centering around its protagonist Jean-Baptiste Grenouille; an orphan with a highly developed olfactory sense, who emits no odour of his own.

The largest painting in the series was a 100 x 150cm canvas of Grenouille as a hermit. This finest of pointing was damaged and subsequently destroyed, so all that remains of the IMAGE is a photograph.

The 1/1 NFT of this photograph is available to own in the absence of the physical object.
The hermit is accompanied by an animated gif showing digital destruction of an image and its reappearance, with states of disintegration chosen as images in their own right.

Available to buy on Opensea

in focus new additions

Zodiac NFT: Air Signs

Tomorrow my collection of Zodiac NFTs will be released on

The collection comprises two variations of each star sign, sold in editions of 12, prices starting 0.012 $ETH

in focus new additions

Zodiac NFTs: Fire Signs

This Friday I will be releasing a collection of Zodiac themed NFTs on ! These images are designed to be high res PFPs (profile pictures) and can be collected as trading cards, as they will be created in a limited edition of 12 each.

Here is a sneak peek at the Fire Signs:

new additions


I’m making some work available as NFTs, initially the series of digital illustrations derived from Alciato’s Emblematum Liber, but I have plans to create several new collections.

NFTs are available on here

Nec Verbo, Nec Facto