new additions

New Additions: After Patrick Heron

I read Jerry Saltz’s article on Jasper Johns which ignited an interest in what Johns is currently doing, leading me to The Works on Paper exhibition currently on the Matthew Arks Gallery website, and a return to looking at my Johns books, with particular interest in the formal aspects of image construction and interplay of colour and object, which activated a link in my mind to a in many ways dissimilar artist in Patrick Heron. I always preferred the more “draughtsmanly(?)” Heron works, but enjoyed the visual vibration of the point where his juxtaposed colours meet. So I wanted to learn a bit about how to build high chromatic interesting fields by making drawings after and inspired by Heron’s 60s/70s era. Learning by drawing. Call me “Matt-Rick Heron”.


By mgwells

Artist, born 1983.
Grays School of Art 2001-2005
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